Arrival in South Africa!

I am now in South Africa!  We had a 6 hour flight between Dulles and Amsterdam and a 12 hour flight from Amsterdam to Cape Town.  Ted Hodapp (APS), Rachel Ivie (AIP), and I were on the flight between Dulles and Amsterdam.  We picked up a number of other delegates – both US (Herman White, Elizabeth Simmons, Elizabeth Freeland, Rhiannon Meharchand, and Jarita Holbrook) and other countries (the Netherlands, Norway, and Italy) – in Amsterdam.  The conference hotel is overbooked so some of us are staying in the Lord Charles hotel which is about 12 km from the conference hotel.  The conference organizers will try to straighten this out tomorrow but it looks like we’re in the Lord Charles for two nights.  I didn’t see much between the airport and the hotel because it is night (and almost midnight).  I am looking forward to seeing more of the Cape Town area tomorrow and to the opening of the conference tomorrow evening.  Perhaps I’ll have a couple of pictures to post by tomorrow.  Time for some sleep!


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