India Higher Education Administrators Seminar, March 22, 2009

Our trip today was to Mysore to visit Infosys and its Leadership Institute and then to Mysore Palace. It took about 4 hours to drive from Bengaluru to Mysore (86 miles southwest of Bengaluru). We were hosted by Infosys which one of the largest software firms in India. It was started in 1981 by a few Indian entrepeneurs with $250 and has since grown to a global company with $4 billion in revenue in 2008 and over 110,000 employees. The Infosys campus is incredible! They train about 20,000 employees from around the globe per year in a 10 week leadership program at the Mysore campus. In addition, they have leadership training for employees in management positions. All of the training is based on “power by intellect, driven by values.” The campus is a city in itself with all the facilities that a trainee would want – food, movies, laundry, beauty salon, housing, etc. Quite an incredible place.

Leadership Insitute at Infosys (Mysore) with Prof. Rao in forefront

Leadership Institute at Infosys (Mysore) with Prof. Rao in forefront

After Infosys, we headed to the Mysore Palace. It was built by the Wodeyar rulers and was designed by Henry Irving in 1897. It was quite an amazing palace but no pictures were allowed inside. We then headed to the top of Chamundi Hill to get a view of Mysore. In addition, we visited the Nandi monolith (bull god). Nandi was carved from a single boulder and is dated to 1659. After dinner, we went to see Mysore Palace all light up – beautiful! Then the 3 hour drive back to Bengaluru.

Nandi (the bull god) at Mysore

Nandi (the bull god) at Mysore

Thoughts of the day. Traffic is incredible in India. So many cars, auto rickshaws, and buses. It takes so much time to travel from point A to point B because of the traffice. Smog is bad in Bengaluru because auto rickshaws, etc, do not use natural gas as they do in Delhi.


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