India Higher Education Administrators Seminar, March 21, 2009

Today we visited University of Mumbai. This is the second oldest institution of higher education in India. UM was founded about 150 years ago along with University of Calcutta and University of Madras. Altogether, there are 650,000 students in the UM system. MU offers degrees in a diverse set of disciplines. There are many opportunities for interactions of our students. For example, MU has a Theatre Arts Department. And, MU also has a music program. We learned quite a bit about training of teachers at all levels including pre-K through high school. UM education department is interested in courses, including short courses, that instill multiculturalism, peace, and understanding. The science faculty are very interdisciplinary and are encouraged not to “compartmentalize.” UM has an one year program in animation with Westminster University. I wonder if both Music and Theatre Arts are interested in a collaboration with UM.

After visiting UM we then traveled to Bangaluru via airplane. The Indian air carriers are amazing! It will be hard to go back to US air carriers. Even though we were in coach, we were served meals on our 1 hour trip. And, all meals were served on china with cloth napkins with actual silverwear! Indian air carriers really know how to treat a passenger well.

Hindu temple in Bangaluru

Hindu temple in Bangaluru

Bangaluru is, again, very different than Mumbai or Delhi. It is drier than Mumbai and more desert-like. Tomorrow we visit Infosystem’s Leadership Institute and Mysore.


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