Overarching Principles for the Childbearing/Childrearing Leave Policy for Faculty

The proposed policy for faculty is based on several principles:

  1. Provides time to parents of newborn or newly adopted children when they most needed it – at the time the child arrives. The policy would apply to any male or female faculty member anticipating the arrival of a child.
  2. Keeps the best interests of IWU students in mind and minimizes disruption in instruction during the semester by providing an opportunity for parents to take a semester-long leave.
  3. Retains the short term disability benefit currently available to all Illinois Wesleyan faculty for those who do not want to take a full semester leave.
  4. Recognizes the financial situation of parents while allowing adjunct coverage of courses during a childbearing/childrearing leave.
  5. Parallels the proposed policies for university exempt and non-exempt staff which also will allow new parents to take time off when a new child arrives.
  6. Provide several options to new parents without being too complex or too cumbersome to administer.

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